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The purpose of this website is for artist Janet Culbertson to present her original work. All paintings are by Janet Culbertson unless otherwise noted. All graphic design on this website has been created by Vanessa King of unless otherwise noted.

Copyright Notice:

All original paintings and writing on this site are owned by Janet Culbertson. All graphic design shown in postcards, posters, and other materials and web design is owned by Vanessa King. Any references to either artists' work or excerpts taken must be attributed to the artist and must provide a hyperlink to janet Culbertson's website:  or Vanessa King's website: Please contact us for permission to republish any writing or artwork.

The Works of Others:

We are all influenced by the work of others and as such Janet Culbertson has acknowledged any and all influences in her work to the original artist.

Privacy Policy:

This website and blog are hosted on, and our privacy policy regarding computer cookies is governed by the privacy policy. We will not collect or share any information from visitors to this site or email addresses or information from anyone who emails us through my site.

We are committed to creating meaningful eco and political artwork and ask that if you comment or share any work on social media that you refrain from negative or defamatory comments or language and respect the artwork and its ownership. ​

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