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2022   Woman's Art Journal, Joan Marter, "Icons in a Future Tense"  Spring Issue  READ ARTICLE

2020   Southampton Press, Michelle Trauring, "Artists Inspired in Time of Covid" May 15  READ ARTICLE

2019    Brooklyn Rail, Joyce Beckenstein, "Artists Choose Artists" December 19  READ ARTICLE

2018    The Sag Harbor Express, "The 7th Circle of Earth's Destruction" April 10 

              Shelter Island Reporter, "Island Artist: The 7th Circle" April 1 READ

2017    Jennifer Orbum, CHF, "Making Difficult Art -Interview with JC"  Sept 14 READ

             Dan's Papers, "Janet Culbertson Honors Endangered Animals..."  Feb 26  READ


2016    Shelter Island by Northforker, "Artwork of Janet Culbertson on display this fall" Oct 16  READ

             Hofstra University Museum, "Over The River, Transforming Long Island" Sept 6 READ

             Shelter Island Reporter, Charity Robey, "Artist, Feminist, Environmentalist" April 22  READ  


2015    Go North Fork, "Janet Culbertson," March 11 READ

             Hamptons ArtHub, "ARTSI Artists Revealed...," July 21  READ

2011     Suffolk Times, Beth Young, “Visions…” 

             Pulse Mag, Pat Rogers, “Vital Signs”

             Woman's Art Journal, Joyce Beckenstein,"Toxic Wilderness" Volume 32 READ 

             Janet Goleas, "Stormy Weather," online Blog READ

2010   Dan’s Papers, Marion Weiss, Nabi Exhibit, NYC

2008  The Tico Times, Rob Bartlett, “The Sacred Earth,” 4/18 Issue 
             Dan’s Papers, Victoria L. Cooper, “Save the Sacred Earth,” 3/14 Issue
             Dan’s Papers, Marion Wolberg Weiss, Art Commentary, “Ecofeminism,” 6/27 Issue 
             Long Island Pulse, Pat Rogers, “Environmental Advocates,” April Issue 

2006  Pittsburgh/Greensburg Tribune Review, Kurt Shaw, “Dark Landscapes ”3/30
             Art Commentary, Dan’s Papers, Marion Wolberg Weiss, De Cordova exhibit, Greenport, NY      
             The Star Leger, NJ,  Dan Bischoff,”Natural and Unnatural”   9/3  

2003   Arts Media Magazine, David Newton, “Today’s Landscape”, April Issue, Boston 

2002   Creative Insight, article by Janet Culbertson, “Losing Paradise”, Summer Issue                           
              Breakers, Larry Savadore, “Artists Explore Inner/Outer Realities”

2001   “Swamped” Illustrated Catalogue, essays by Lucy R. Lippard, Kerry Oliver Smith, others
              Animals at the Courthouse, East Hampton Star, April 2001, Rose Slivka

2000   Spotlight Gallery publication, Telfair Museum, Savannah, GA, October issue
              The New York Times, Phyllis Braff, “Personal Space,” Parrish Museum, April 30
              The New York Times, Helen A. Harrison, “Eden Revisited” (photo), Islip Museum, April 25
              Dan’s Papers, Marion Wolberg Weiss, “Personal Space,” Parrish Museum, May 5 (photo)
              Hampton Magazine article by Renee Dahl, “Personal Space” photo May 26

1999    The New York Times: Braff, Phyllis, “Animals in Art,” July 25; Harrison, Helen A. “Paper Weight" April 25

1998    Terra Nova Magazine, “Losing Paradise”, article by Janet Culbertson, April 

             National Academy of Sciences catalog, "janet Culbertson," Rose Slivka, January

1997    Raynor, Vivien, The New York Times, the Wave Hill Exhibit and “Drawings” at Pelham, New York, September
             Hinkle, Annette, Sag Harbor Express, Profile, August
             Cox, Rose, The Northern Light, Anchorage, Alaska, Profile, September

1996   Chayat, Sherry “Vital Signs II” Syracuse Herald, Sept. 15, 1996
             Slivka, Rose, “From Sea to Shining Sea”, East Hampton Star, 3/28/96; “Hang Tough," Hampton Star”
             Parrish Art Museum “35th Annual”, East Hampton Star, October 10
             Long, Robert, “Perspectives”, Southampton Press, March 21
             Keiser, Ellen, “An East End Artist Living Beyond Labels”, Southampton Press article August, 1996
             Weiss, Marion Wolberg, “Suffolk Exhibit”, Dan’s Papers, March 29, 1996; “Hangtough”, Dan’s Papers, June 9

1995   Braff, Phyllis, “18 Suffolk Artists”, [at S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook] New York Times, March 26
            Slivka, Rose, “Winter Light”, East Hampton Star, February 23, 1995, “Light & Shadow, Oct 12th

1994   Gussow, Alan (Babcock Gallery)  The Artist as Native, New York, NY: Pomegranate Art Books.
            Harrison, Helen A.  “Notorious Long Island”, The New York Times, July 10
            Lipson, Karin “Image Conscious”, Newsday, June 23                        
            Slivka, Rose “Parrish 34th”, East Hampton Star, April 22
            Slivka, Rose “From the Studio”, “On Paper”, East Hampton Star, May 26
            Cross, Jennifer “Parrish Museum 34th”, Southampton Press, May 5            
            Weiss, Marion Wolberg “Landscape at Guild Hall”, Dan's Papers, June 17
           “Multimedia ’94" (Bujese Gallery).

1993   Braff, Phyllis  “Wall to Wall”, The New York Times, Dec 5
            Long, Robert “Perspectives”, Southampton Press, Nov. 18
            Schlossman, Jenni “Janet Culbertson:” The Political Landscape”, Womens Art Journal, 1ssue 4,
            Schmidt, Charles, curator, Silverpoint Etcetera: Contemporary American Metalpoint Drawings. 
            Slivka, Rose “Protest Art”, East Hampton Star, June 10
            Weiss, Marion Wolberg  “Woman” Dan's Papers, Sept. 24                      
          “The Artist as Native”, American Artist, Dec 1

1992    Constable, Leslie “Women’s Works Shine...”,  The Columbus Dispatch, Sept. 20
             Braff, Phyllis  New York Times, Dec 6
             Raynor, Vivien  “Artistic Visions, troubled Environments”,  The New York Times, June 14
             Slivka, Rose  East Hampton Star, March 12          
             Wix, Elizabeth  “Image Conscious”, Newsday, Aug 28

1991     Harrison, Helen A. “Drawing Styles”, The New York Times, Sept. 1
             Lowry, Patricia “Endangered Landscape”, The Pittsburgh Press, Aug. 22
             Miller, Donald,  Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Aug. 10
             Pantalone, John “The Lost Landscape”, Newport This Week, July 11 
             Bard, Elin, Dan's Papers, June 14
             Slivka, Rose,  East Hampton Star, April 25

1990    Pisano, Ron,  Long Island Landscape Painting, Little, Brown & Co., Volume II.                    

             Braff, Phyllis,  “Fate of the World” The New York Times, April 8
             Harrison, Helen A. “Fabulists”, The New York Times, May 20         
             Gallerie, Culbertson, Janet (autobiographical article) Volume II.
             Lipson, Karin,  Newsday, April 20
             Waden, Mary Ann, “The Political Landscape”, Hillwood Museum Exhibition (catalogue)  

1989   DePetro, Anne, The Environment, Janet Culbertson, Women’s Artists News
            Harrison, Helen,  Curator, “ New Narrative” catalogue. Guild Hall Museum exhibit 

1985   Douglas Dreishpoon, Arts, Mag.  “Animals in the Arsenal” 
            Weber, Bruce, "The Fine Line: Drawing with Silver in America”  Norton Gallery of Art, W. Palm Beach Fl  catalogue
            The New York Post, “ Noah and the Arc”,  Rochester Museum, NY

1981   “Ecotage," by Janet Culbertson,  Heresies Issue 13,  Ecology and Feminism READ [go to Page 49] 
             Marter, Joan, Arts Magazine, "Galapagos” exhibit, February  
             Barkan  & Freidman, “The Beast in Question”, Arts Magazine, April

1980   Lockridge, Katherine, “Four” Heckscher Museum, (Helen Harrison)The New York Times, Nov.11

1979    Zimmer, William. Art Picks, Soho Weekly News, May 31
             C.A.P.S. Graphic Artists Award, Catalogue 

1978    Heresies The Great Goddess Issue, P 59
             Culbertson, Janet, article on Women and Ecology, Women in the Arts Newsletter
             Glueck, Grace, The New York Times, OIA drawings,  May 5

1977    Vaughan, Mary, “The Galapagos, Islands”. Arts, Mag.  April

1976    Van Baron, Judith, “Choices”, Soho Weekly News June 10
             Orr, Chris, Plexus,( Myth), San Francisco, CA
             Dunham, Judith, Artweek., CA.Oct. Issue
             Brown, Gordon, (Myth) Arts Mag. September

1973    Williamson, Sue, Argus,  South Africa, Cape Town

1971     Gruen, John ”Silver Threads Among the Gold”, New York Magazine, May issue
             Attica Book,( Benny Andrews), Contributed a collage
             Young, Joseph, E,   Silverpoints, Art International, April 20
             Burnett, Clyde, Atlanta Journal , August 1
1970    Seldis, Henry, Los Angeles Times, Silverpoints

Praise for Janet Culbertson's Art
Eco art article on Janet Culbertson's painting

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