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Hello all, we are trying to raise funds for Janet's care needs since her insurance only covers part of it. She is getting stronger quickly but is still unable to stand unassisted and is unable to walk. Her hands and upper body is strong enough to get back to painting at some point soon but she needs to still have 24/7 care for all personal needs. Please see if any of the pieces below speaks to you and donate what you can. She chose them for the Moon Group and also has suggested minimums.


Alternatively, if you have anything you find on her website that resonates more that you would like to either buy or buy a print of please let me know. I will organize bringing the pieces to your next meeting or sending them with Jan's signature and note to you. Or if you want to visit please let me know and we can give you an art piece from here. Her visits are at 12 or 12:30 every day. Thank you all for anything you can do to help! She is beyond grateful and is sad to be not driving like a madwoman down island to be there :).  All the best,  Vanessa

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